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Frequent Asked Questions

Obtaining a Speedboat Operator’s License

The process is simple. We will provide you with the relevant documents (document for issuing a learner’s license, application form for exam participation, certificate of physical ability to be signed by a doctor). You will need to provide us with a passport-sized photo and a copy of your passport. Non-European citizens, will additionally be requested to bring a copy of their yellow slip and have it certified as true copy.

It is our responsibility to make sure that you will succeed in both the theoretical and practical part of the exam with our guidance. Our company has a 100% success rate, as we make sure you are confident to approach the exam by the time you are notified to participate.

There is no need to worry. You should simply contact the relevant nautical club and inform them you cannot attend. They will call you for the next session. You don’t loose any money, unless your learner’s license expires, in which case you will only need to renew that, as it is valid for a period of six months.

Yes, as a tourist at watersports but not if you are a Cypriot citizen or permanent resident.

There is no general rule. You will need to acquire information from the official authorities in the country.

Yes, as the law defines that any vessel below 15m length and with a speed that exceeds 15knots is considered as a speedboat.

No, as it is defined as a pleasure boat by law.

No, unless you intend to use it for reasons which are not considered personal use, i.e. to charter it.

The average cost is much less than the cost for acquiring a driver’s license. As for the time it takes, it is important when you choose to apply. The Summer period is obviously busier. You should expect approximately a month’s wait. No exams are held from the period around mid-August-beginning of September.